Thursday, January 22, 2009

Too Many Nodes

Recently I came to a customer I hadn't visited in some time.

On the main screen of the ITM system, when we chose Windows Systems we got KFWITM455E Request to 732 nodes exceeds the limit of 200. The workspace most mostly empty. The problem is pretty obvious and so is the solution - de-install Tivoli agents!

Seriously though, the recommended practice in this case is probably to split your servers into smaller groups (MSLs) and create a workspace for each one.

If you, like me, are lazy and simply want to see all the servers in one place, you can change the KFW_REPORT_NODE_LIMIT parameter.

On Unixes, go to cq.ini. On Windows open the the Tivoli Services Manager, right-click the TEPS -> Advanced -> Edit ENV file.

Find the KFW_REPORT_NODE_LIMIT parameter and change it to something suitable.

CAREFUL! The parameter is commented out and you must uncomment it. recycle the TEPS and Voilà!

The workspaces may take much longer to load though now. That's the advantage of smaller MSLs.

-- Robert

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