Wednesday, February 17, 2010

TADDM 7.2 Interim Fix 1

Get the first fix of the year for TADDM here.

There are only two bugs/solutions in this interim fix, both concerning upgrades from a previous version of TADDM.

From the readme:

IZ67686 TADDM upgrade on a Windows platform failed during the database migration.
The error occurs when TADDM is installed in a different location than default C:\IBM\CMDB
The Customer may find this message in the taddm_7.2.0_install_msg.log:
INFO : (from runCommand(content, envs, filetype)) - Stdout:
"Run command E:\ibm\cmdb\dist\bin\migration.bat -s -bv 7.1.2"
INFO : (from runCommand(content, envs, filetype)) -
Stderr: 'migration.bat' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable
program or batch file.

IZ68633 If the following files are missing: collation/, collation/, collation/,
collation/, collation/ the install/migration reports successful, but TADDM will
not start because the jdks needed to run TADDM and move the internal users from the 7.1.2 encryption
to 7.2 encryption are not available. The TADDM installation will be missing the
file: dist/etc/

All I can say is that these are boring bugs! ;)