Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ada Lovelace

Ada Lovelace was the world’s first computer programmer. She wrote programs to run on Charles Babbage‘s Analytical Engine. Unfortunately, the machine was never  built. I first heard of Ada when I started programming in 1996.

Match 24th was “Ada Lovelace day”, an international day of blogging (video logging, podcasting, comic drawing etc.!) to draw attention to the achievements of women in technology and science.

I missed the day itself, so I don’t know if I’ll create a post of my own, but I suggest you mosey on over to the list of existing posts.

-- Robert

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

TADDM 7.2 Fix Pack 1 – current list of APARs

It’s not due till the middle of April, but details have just been posted about the APARs fixed in TADDM 7.2FP1.

This fix pack is scheduled to release April 12, 2010. This is a target date and does not represent a formal commitment by IBM. This date is subject to change without notice.

I’ve listed a few of the APARs that seem interesting (to me) or that will solve my problems. The full list is in the link.

APAR IZ62734
When the TaddmTool has a newer version of TaddmWmi.dll an internal error occurred while copying the file from the gateway to the target. This was happening because the old TaddmWmi.dll is still loaded.

APAR IZ63361
When discovering a lot of targets, the building topology phase can hang or run extremely slow. The TopologyBuilder.log shows that ComputerSystemConsolidation agent is running for very long time. Topology garbage collector log shows that topology JVM memory is used up and garbage collector cannot release anything.

APAR IZ63682
When the Vmware sensor discovers Computer System with a different primary IpInterface, it does not merge with an already existing ComputerSystem in the database causing duplicates to occur. This is happening because the TopologyBuilder Agent uses only existing Computer systems without virtual flag set to true.

APAR IZ64198
In change history the date/time were displayed as UTC milliseconds from the epoch. The Date/time were fixed to be displayed in a more human readable way.

APAR IZ64526
Modules from IIS Web Server discovery were not included in business application (using both app descriptor and UI). IIS was not following a standard like other web servers IPlanet or Apache.

APAR IZ64682
Out of memory errors can occur on Windows platforms where an MS Exchange application is installed and contains many Public Folders. This was due to the large amount of data returned from the system.

APAR IZ68913
The component that sends change events to Omnibus or TEC -- or changeevents.bat -- looks for the last change event indicator file in a different directory from where it was written after last discovery. Because it does not find the file, the change events program sends ALL the change event records, even those sent previously. This symptom negatively affects performance. The following entry appears in ChangeEvent.log: [main] INFO changeevent.OmpEventModule - Could not locate change events run time indicator at C:\ibm\cmdb\dist\var/services\change-events-runtime.log (This is ok in TADDM versions prior to 7.2).

APAR IZ69885
Populating the extended attribute for template extension using a jython script does not appear in UI. Additionally in the error.log the following message appears:
TopologyBuilder [TopologyBuilderEngineThread] ERROR agents.ExtendedAttributesAgent - [ExtendedAttributesAgent.E.2] An error occurred when setting extended attributes for ComputerSystem XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

APAR IZ70822
Due to changes for Launch in Context following query http://<taddm_server_IP>:9430/cdm/<compsysIP> stopped working because it was filtered out by security mechanism. This behaviour will be enabled to handle correctly queries from other products.
APAR IZ71582
The following Launch in Context entries stopped working because it was filtered out by security mechanism. This behavior will be enabled to handle correctly queries from other products.



Monday, March 22, 2010

Unable to start request (350) with ITM SOAP

There are a number of ways of accessing the information in ITM.
The simplest is, of course, opening the portal.

Another way is to use the SOAP web services supplied by ITM.
One access the simple SOAP interface from http://localhost:1920///cms/soap/kshhsoap.htm

Two gotchas I recently encountered:
1. In some cases, I needed to enter the full fqdn of the TEMS server (server_name.domain_name).

2. The commands need to be all in UPPERCASE:

Otherwise, I get the dreaded <faultstring>Unable to start request(350)</faultstring> response…