Thursday, June 5, 2008

Getting on with Greek

This week was the 37th annual conference of The Israel Society for the Promotion of Classical Studies (ISPCS)

My bosses had other ideas about my being there, however.

I only managed to sign up as a member of the ISPCS and purchase a few books to help me with my Greek.
I bought the Joint Association of Classical Teacher's (JAST) series of Reading Greek textbooks.

(There are so many complicated acronyms in the last paragraph that you'd think it was about something in hightech...)

I bought the Grammar, the Reader and the Independent Study guide. I linked to Amazon because the official JACT site is strangely silent about the books. (at least, I haven't found anything)

Anyway, it's now official - I'm spending too much time BUYING Greek books instead of LEARNING Greek!

I've got an exam next Friday - it's a good thing that it's a long weekend here in Israel.

A Fistful of Tools...

Here are two more excellent ITM tools

GBSCMD is a command line tool which was developed in house by Gulfsoft which provides functionality which does not exist in ITM. ITM 6.2 and 6.2FP1 have added more options to tacmd, but GBSCMD is a high bar to reach.

ITMSUPER is a new OPAL offering which allows the user to view managed system data, debug situations, and correct environment configurations.
It basically collects and improves on the existing ITM tools in OPAL which I mentioned here.

You may be able to do your work without these tools, but you're certainly handicapping yourself if you don't take the time to download them and give them a spin!