Monday, January 19, 2009

Asterix and the Great... Sellout?

It seems that the great Asterix is in for a big change : Albert Uderzo, illustrator and, since 1977, only begetter of the Asterix series of books, has retired and sold his rights to Hachette Livre.

His daughter Sylvie has accused him of selling out to "those who would negate all the values he taught me: independence, fraternity, conviviality and resistance". I must agree.

In a more optimistic mood - and with more information, I might consider this good news. Perhaps new blood could rejuvenate Asterix, whose last few adventures have not been very good. However, I must admit that few intellectual properties are improved by being managed by others rather than their creators.

Neither James Bond nor Sherlock Holmes have been returned to their original heights. I hope Asterix will prove me wrong.


Link to Asterix in Wikipedia.

-- Robert

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