Monday, February 14, 2011

A new fix pack for TADDM -

A new fix pack is out for TADDM. This one doesn’t have anything really major, just lots of bugfixes.

A lot of them seem to center around Out Of Memory and Storage Errors during discovery or just having the discovery engine or console hanging.

Unless you’ve got specific problems, there’s no reason to get excited over this one.

On the other hand, TADDM 7.2.1, which will lots and lots of NEW shiny features, should be coming out quite soon.

I wonder if anyone is (a) reading this and (b) as excited as I am about it :)

-- Robert

Monday, January 17, 2011

Astronomy Picture of the Day : 2011 begins

After just under a year without new classical content, here are a few new Astronomy Pictures of the Day with classical content: - Night and Day above Almost Planet Sounio - Quadrantids over Qumis - The Antikythera Mechanism

-- Robert

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Direct upgrade from OMEGAMON Platform 350/360 to the current IBM Tivoli Monitoring release is not supported

Recently I encountered this error while installing support files on the TEPS together with a colleague.

At first we thought that perhaps it was a problem with the files we had downloaded, but trying to reinstall something that had just succeeded failed with the same message.

The cause of the problem seems to be a corruption in the file

Replacing it with the .bck file (which resided in the same directory) solved the problem.

Well, I haven’t posted in quite a while… but I’m back!
-- Robert