Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Resetting wasadmin password

I recently inherited a TADDM environment where I needed to work with WebSphere in order to integrate TADDM with Active Directory.

Unfortunately, no one knew the password for wasadmin, so I couldn't access the Websphere Admin's console. Time was pressing, the other guy was not available and my knowledge of WebSphere administration is limited to what's written in the TADDM and TBSM documentation (hint: very little!)

I followed the following routine. It worked for me.

  1. I needed to configure WebSphere not to use security:
    1. I found the file security.xml under /cell directory.
    2. I edited it, so that under the security:Security tag I changed enabled="true" to enabled="false"
  2. Now, I needed to restart the WebSphere so it would reset it's security.
  3. The following is the "proper" routine to stop WebSphere:
    1. <WAS_HOME>/profiles/ctgAppSrv01/bin/stopServer.sh MXServer -username wasadmin -password wasadmin
    2. <WAS_HOME>/profiles/ctgAppSrv01/bin/stopNode.sh -username wasadmin -password wasadmin
    3. <WAS_HOME>/profiles/ctgDmgr01/bin/stopManager.sh -username wasadmin -password wasadmin
  4. Of course, not having the password meant I couldn't stop the processes. Well, that's what kill -9 is for...
  5. Starting WebSphere is easier:
    1. <WAS_HOME>/profiles/ctgDmgr01/bin/startManager.sh
    2. <WAS_HOME>/profiles/ctgAppSrv01/bin/startNode.sh
    3. <WAS_HOME>/profiles/ctgAppSrv01/bin/startServer.sh MXServer
  6. Now, when I access the Integrated Solutions Console (http://server:9060/ibm/console/login.do) then I'm no longer asked for a password
  7. I login as wasadmin and recreate all the security I need...

I think (hope) this is more-or-less what a WebSphere expert would do too!

-- Robert


Anonymous said...

Great! Just what I needed.

Anonymous said...

How do I identify which processes to kill ?I am running this on Redhat and if I do a ps -ef |grep java - Can I kill them ?