Sunday, November 9, 2008

New versions...

I guess it's just that time of the year again!

TBSM 4.2 came out recently, as did Impact 5.1.

Yesterday I saw both TADDM 7.1.2 and ITM 6.2.1 in passport advantage.

Here's a brief list of TADDM changes from the release notes:

TADDM 7.1.2 gives you the rich details of configuration items with automated, agentless discovery of the assets and their application dependencies, as well as a Discovery Library technology to help leverage data from other sources.

TADDM is a configuration management tool that helps IT operations personnel ensure and improve application availability in application environments. The operational staff gets a top-down view of applications so the staff can quickly understand the structure, status, configuration, and change history of their business-critical applications. This view immediately isolates issues in times of performance or availability problems and enables more effective planning for application change without disruption. An agent-free creation and maintenance of a Configuration Management Database (TADDM database) is delivered without requiring custom infrastructure modeling. TADDM also provides complete cross-tier dependency maps, topological views, change tracking, event propagation, and detailed reports and analytics.

The following list includes the functionality that was added for the TADDM 7.1.2:

  • BIRT Report Infrastructure
  • Limited IPV6 Capability
  • Console Installation Capability
  • Improved View Performance
  • Improved Details Performance
  • Improved ECMDB synchronization times
  • Improved API query performance
  • Improved post-discovery processing performance
  • Improved TBSM Integration
  • Drill Down Capability for Business Applications
  • Comparison Report From Domain Manager
  • Cross-Domain Comparison reports from ECMDB
  • Additional MQ Cluster Information for zOS
  • Reduced WAN traffic during anchor usage
  • Upgraded first failure data capture tools
  • Weblogic 9.x and 10.x sensor support
  • Simplified migration from previous releases
  • Windows 2008 Support
  • AIX 6.1 Support
  • Bug Fixes

Updated documentation is here.

ITM 6.2.1 doesn't seem to have updated the documentation yet, but here's a list I have of it's changes:

    • Adaptive Monitoring
    • TEPS Changes
      • Event Slot Customization - replaces my older post!
      • Managed node search bar
      • Zoom in charts
      • SSO with Java Webstart
    • SPB bundles for TCM/TPM
    • More CLI abilities
      • Replace wadminep function (getfile, put file, list dir, execfile)
      • CLI for historical data configuration collection
      • Remotely invoke pdcollect tool
      • Expand tacmd createsit (display item, consecutive samples, state)
    • Agent Builder
      • Support 100+ connections for remote monitoring
      • Browser for logfile/script monitors
      • Add CIM provider
    • Out of the box Agentless OS monitoring packages
    • Infrastructure improvements
      • 64-bit zLinux and AIX support
      • Support TDW on zOS
      • Support TEC events from z Hub
      • Manage agent fail-over
      • Asynchronous Deployment
      • Support 64 bit counters
      • Agent Manager Services - an extra agentlet who manages the regular agents
    • Improved TADDM integration

Of those, the Adaptive Monitoring and Event Slots seem extremely interesting and I really want to try them out!

-- Robert

Edit: forgot a few things in ITM...

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